PointClickCare Developer Program

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Extend your reach with the largest EHR in Long-Term Care.

With the aging population causing a major demographic shift, the Long-Term Post Acute Care industry is relying on technology to be a key enabler to handle the massive volume headed its way. PointClickCare supports more than 15,000 providers across the care continuum. Now, by being part of the PointClickCare Developer Program, you can:

Control Your Own Destiny

Control Your Own Destiny

Develop what you want, on your timelines, to your specifications.

Expand Your Product Offering

Expand Your Product Offering

Develop deeper integrations faster using PointClickCare's functionality.

Build Your Business

Build Your Business

Gain access to the PointClickCare customer base, the largest in Long-Term Post Acute Care.

Why Develop for Long-Term Care?

The aging population is one of the biggest shifts impacting the world today.

By 2020, the number of seniors will outnumber the number of children younger than five years of age. This trend translates into opportunity for applications related to managing the healthcare of seniors.

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Why Develop for PointClickCare?

With over 15,000 customers, PointClickCare provides you with access to the industry's largest network of senior-care providers, enabling you to build your own business and path to success.

With no upfront integration fees and self-serve access, developing for Long-Term Care has never been easier.

Enjoy faster time to market in addition to lower implementation and support costs related to user provisioning.

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I am getting an error when obtaining an OAuth Access Token. What can I do to troubleshoot?

Obtaining an OAuth access token can require multiple steps, and you could run into an error at each of the steps with a different looking error message. To see all the possible errors that you can run into when obtaining an access token, and the possible troubleshooting steps, please refer to the Errors Reference Guide: https://developer.pointclickcare.com/apis/authentication-errors

How do I activate my customer facilities with the integration?

After your application goes through business and technical validation with PointClickCare, vendors are then approved to start activating their customer facilities with the integration. For more information around how to activate your customer facilities, please refer to the 'Activating Customers' guide at https://developer.pointclickcare.com/apis/activating-customers

How do I get my application validated for the PointClickCare Developer Program?

After you have built the integration within the sandbox, you will be required to validate your app before going live with customer facilities. The validation process includes technical and business validation. For more information, refer here.

Many API calls require an orgId to include in the request. How do I obtain the orgId of my sandbox?

If you’re using 3-legged OAuth, the orgId is returned along with the access token received from the /token endpoint. If you’re using 2-legged OAuth, you can obtain the orgId for your sandbox from the welcome email including details of your sandbox that was sent to you. In the future, we plan to make this information available within the Developer Portal as well.

I am unable to receive webhook notifications in my sandbox. What can I do to troubleshoot?

Webhook notifications can fail due to a variety of reasons. Please ensure that your webhook listener is configured as per the requirements outlined in https://developer.pointclickcare.com/apis/configuring-your-app-webhooks. One of the most common reasons is that listener URLs support Server Name Indication (SNI) which is not supported by PointClickCare.

Should I use 2 legged or 3 legged OAuth to obtain patient data?

PointClickCare’s APIs support both 2 legged and 3 legged OAuth. 2 legged OAuth is used for server-to-server integrations and is typically consumed by apps where users of the app are not users in PointClickCare. In comparison, 3 legged OAuth is used for scenarios when your app needs to obtain and display data specific to the app user (who also happens to have a username and password in PointClickCare).