Extend your reach with the largest EHR in Long-Term Care

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Technology is a Key Enabler

With the aging population causing a major demographic shift, the Long-Term Post Acute Care industry is relying on technology to be a key enabler to handle the massive volume headed its way. PointClickCare supports more than 15,000 providers across the care continuum. Now, by being part of Amplify, you can:

Control Your Own Destiny

Control Your Own Destiny

Develop what you want, on your timelines, to your specifications.

Expand Your Product Offering

Expand Your Product Offering

Develop deeper integrations faster using PointClickCare's functionality.

Build Your Business

Build Your Business

Gain access to the PointClickCare customer base, the largest in Long-Term Post Acute Care.

Why Develop for Long-Term Care?

The aging population is one of the biggest shifts impacting the world today.

By 2020, the number of seniors will outnumber the number of children younger than five years of age. This trend translates into opportunity for applications related to managing the healthcare of seniors.

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Why Develop for PointClickCare?

With over 15,000 customers, PointClickCare provides you with access to the industry's largest network of senior-care providers, enabling you to build your own business and path to success. With no upfront integration fees and self-serve access, developing for Long-Term Care has never been easier. Enjoy faster time to market in addition to lower implementation and support costs related to user provisioning.

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